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Allograft Putty


OsseoCore Membranes come from donated pericardial sac. They are preserved by lyophilization and packaged in a sterile package for optimal compatibility and the best clinical outcome. OsseoCore Membranes come in two varieties, Pericardium and Amnion and are available in 15X20mm, 20X30mm and 30X40mm for the Pericardium as well as 10X10, 20X20 and 20X30 in the Amnion variety.
Code Description
720 OsseoCore 15X20 Pericardium
721 OsseoCore 20X30 Pericardium
722 OsseoCore 30X40 Pericardium
Code Description
830 OsseoCore Amnion 10X10
831 OsseoCore Amnion 20X20
832 OsseoCore Amnion 20X30